Organizing LGBTQ2IA+ Iowa College students

We are a coalition through difference, working to make better & safer worlds.

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The Coalition


 The Iowa Queer College Coalition (IAQCC) is a program launched by Iowa Safe Schools in the Summer of 2018. 

Our mission is to better coordinate resources, information, and political projects that are driven and directly informed by LGBTQ2IA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer/questioning, two-spirit, intersex, aromantic/asexual, +) college and university students in Iowa. We are dreaming, resisting, and advocating for better and safer worlds that liberate all queer youth. 

The IAQCC is committed to upholding the demands of racial justice, disability justice, immigrant justice, and feminist activists. We find our coalition partners in all individuals and communities who are working to make the world better and safer for our queer family, regardless of identity.

Read more about our leaderhsip, mission, and approach here.

Please contact us to make suggestions, express concerns, offer resources, or meet with us to talk about how our work can be more collaborative with yours!

The IAQCC recognizes that our statewide organizing efforts and physical office space in Iowa occupies stolen and unceded land belonging to several tribes of indigenous people, including but not limited to: Meskwaki, Sauk, Sioux, Haudenosaunee, Miami, and Oneida. Our occupation continues to harm the rightful owners of this land.

Flag design by Daniel Quasar

Flag design by Daniel Quasar


Photograph of six huddle meerkats on a stone ledge. They're all looking off somewhere to the left.

Iowa Queer College Conference

Coming this fall!

Save the date: Nov 1 - Dec 1

A grey county map of Iowa with all the counties labeled. There's an orange star on Des Moines.

Student-Led Coalition


We're meeting with queer student leaders, support faculty/staff, and community service providers from around the state!

If we haven't been in touch with you, we want to hear about what you've been up to, what challenges you've been facing, and what resources or political actions would help you the most. The knowledges and dreams of students are the primary drivers of any action this coalition takes.

Resources & Toolkits


We are building an accessible database of resources and toolkits! Please send submit any materials, groups, meetings, articles, zines, art projects, etc. that you find any kind of helpful or healing. 

We invite you to either post them directly to our blog, or write to us in an emailing to give us the full picture. We know that very few resources do everything well, so it's helpful to know which resources might fall short in certain areas so we can at least prepare our friends ahead of time for whatever challenges they might meet in accessing the resource.